Hot Bods infrared sauna studio was born of Kelly Bailey’s deep desire to provide holistic wellness services to the community. As a certified personal trainer and holistic nutrition consultant operating in the field of wellness and weight loss for the past 6 years, Kelly has come to realize that whole body health is more than just diet and exercise. In our modern world, the path to balancing mind, body, and spirit requires a multi-faceted approach.

When Kelly tried an infrared sauna for the first time in 2018, she was taken with the immediate benefits she experienced in her energy, skin, and state of being. It was immediately apparent that infrared sauna has the power to restore the body’s natural healing power. Unfortunately, there are few places near Medina to experience infrared sauna therapy. Until now!

Kelly resides in southern Medina county with husband, Mark, 9 year old daughter, Alea, and a menagerie of animals. When she’s not helping clients, lifting heavy weights, or relaxing in a sauna at Hot Bods, she enjoys hiking, camping, writing, cooking, and travel.